Word of the Day: Glad/Rejoiced (Ἐχάρησαν)

“..all of the above aspects of joy come together in John 20:20 where the disciples were overjoyed when they saw Jesus as the risen Lord.

The joy of Abraham looking forward to the coming Messiah, the joy of the Baptist who saw the promised Messiah appearing in the flesh, the joy of the disciples who witnessed his words and deeds, their joy every time they saw in their lives that they were indeed one with him, their joy of expecting him to conquer death, to go to the Father from where he will intercede for them and from where he will rule as King – all of this became complete in their joy when they finally saw Jesus as the risen Lord standing before them.”

Source: Jordaan, G. (2015). The Joy of Seeing Christ: A Thematic Study of Joy in the Gospel of John.