MinuteGospel.com is a supporter-funded creative Christian ministry which seeks to create and curate simple, faithful Gospel stories and songs online.

The two main arms of our ministry are 1) to create original Christian media and 2) to curate the best Christian resources from the big ocean that is The Internet.

On the curation side of things, our goal is to create a home for high quality Christian content for both children and adults by manually watching and reviewing tons of videos from as many sources as we can find. We want to find Christian stories and songs which are biblically faithful, aesthetically attractive and can be legally embedded on a third party website.

As of June 2021, we have curated over 700 videos at MinuteGospel.com, including:

We hope to expand our curation efforts to other languages (ie. Chinese Christian Songs) and content categories (ie. seminary courses, topical lectures) over time.

As for creating original media, we are experimenting with different forms of content at the moment. We are launching a newsletter: Patterns In The Bible which aims to deliver bite-sized posts about word structures and repeated themes you can find in the Bible. We have also built a search and discovery engine for long-form Christian articles at a sister website: OneOneNine.org.

In the long run, we hope to gather and build a creative arts team to create bible stories for kids as well as Sunday School curriculum for churches.

What’s Next?

Do pray that everything we do is in the will of God. We are thankful for the space and opportunity to do this work and for the love from our supporters.

Pray for consistency and perseverance as we patiently depend upon God for His grace and blessings in all our endeavours.

Thank you!